简介:Avery Jennings (G. Hannelius) and Tyler James (Lemonade Mouth star Blake Michael) are step-siblings from Pasadena, California who hate each other but come together in the pilot episode. The family faces an even bigger adjustment when they discover that their new dog, Stan (portrayed by live-action dogs Kuma and Mick, and voiced by Stephen Full), can talk. Only Avery, Chloe (Francesca Capaldi), and Tyler know he can talk. Unbeknownst to the family, Stan also has a blog, which he uses to discuss the happenings in the Jennings-James household. The children learn of Stan"s talking ability in the first episode and agree to keep it a secret from their parents, fearing that if the world finds out that Stan can talk, he will be taken away and experimented on.[2] In "Stan Talks to Gran" Bennett"s mother Grandma James learns Stan can talk, but promises the kids to keep it a secret.